A little package of a whole lotta crazy.

Maybe it’s about time I update this page a bit. My name is Vivian Kalea, and i’m a rutabaga. A robust, round, rutabaga. I occasionally need watering, but my closest friends try to keep that in check. I’m small, yes, and i’ve acquired many many nicknames over the year. Including pint-size. Which is pretty fantastic sometimes, because people don’t always expect much from you when you’re small. And I love breaking people’s expectations. Because kickass things can indeed come in small packages.

Having grown up in an urban jungle, I have developed a need for stimuli, which I attempt to satisfy through many mediums. Things that drive me include climbing, hooping, and music. And animals (vegans for the win!). And writing. So I hope you enjoy the things on my blog, keep on living, and keep it down to earth. Cheers for peace!


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