Making Chaos (Beautiful)

We often get criticized for not looking at the bigger picture, but in general, we live everyday in a bigger picture, not paying enough attention to details. There are times when you are reminded just how much can change over the span of one day, how beauty can bloom exponentially within the crevices of the mind. The resulting emotional roller coaster seems worth it– character-building the excuse, as always.

I waver between emotions that normal people have, that as a child I struggled to put a finger on. Emotions. The happy ones that used to be reserved only for the distant past: sandboxes, monkey bars, tire swings– the playground. But in the present, when you’re pretty happy with where you’re at, events like these force you to rethink your approach to the world. And it’s nice to know when you realize that you have a pretty solid foundation of happy.

We live in beautiful chaos. Like thrown bedsheets. Or storm clouds pulling away from each other like slow smoke. Some cast themselves to the hot ashes of its blind fire– passionate, scorching, and ablaze. Other find partners in exploring the hidden hollows of its being, finding beauty stunning enough to make them shudder.


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