Human Dynamics

I like to think that I do not live with the fear that history will repeat itself, because I know that we can overcome. But maybe I live with that fear in the back of my mind, so I have an example for what I do not want to be. I have encountered too many of those people, unhappy and tortured. I’m over the insensitive pricks– the condescending, selfish asses that will never give a damn.

We self-define. We shed ourselves and move on. For it is not brave to live a selfish life– when we do, we become all types of repulsive colors. We’re all just a spattering of paint on a canvas too light to hold our overlapping weight. Just as images are reversed in mirrors, we are a series of opposites attempting to span infinity. We exist with a history of unavoidable repetitions that seem to wind towards the one point where it ceases to exist, immortalizing our magical realities in written existences.

I’ve found that you can tell a lot about people by the way they walk, talk, carry themselves, and fight. I used to think that we lived with this blind belief that we are moving forward, while we are in fact still going in a circular fashion. And it seems especially inevitable when you live in a city of buildings and people stacked on top of each other. But with my tendencies to meander, an optimism has developed that we can in fact stop going around in circles.

We can remember to breathe again in a world too rushed to do so.


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